Croatian Hemp Wholesale Trading Partner

We are a reliable producer of hemp-based products, as well as a trustworthy trading partner. We stand, above all, on ensuring the high quality and safety of our products.


    About Us

    Hemp Flowers
    All of our CBD and CBG rich flowers are grown using all organic farming practices. All soil amendments are organic certified and no chemical herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers are used – CBD and CBG flowers for sale in Europe.


    High-quality flower and competitive prices
    When buying our CBD and CBG flowers, you can expect high quality at great prices. Our CBD and CBG flowers are grown in perfect conditions in our greenhouse and indoor crops in Croatia.


    100% Organic
    We guarantee all the products are made from 100% organic industrial hemp.


    Laboratory Testing
    You can feel safe in the knowledge that every batch and every product is laboratory tested.

    What can you gain from working with us?

    1. Supplying your store with high-quality hemp products, with certificates, including the EU Organic certificate.
    2. Offering your customers one of the most highly concentrated CBD and CBG products in cannabinoids, with a guaranteed concentration!
    3. Attractive discounts and presents for larger orders.
    4. Comprehensive service and help in choosing products.

    Wholesale CBG Flower Indoor

    Buy in bulk the best CBG buds, grown indoor in supreme conditions at our facilities in Croatia.


    Our indoor CBG flowers are grown at the right temperature, thanks to a premium growing system that coordinates LED grow lights, air circulation, dehumidifiers and ACs.


    Growing Cannabis indoors allows us to have complete control over the plant, resulting in high-quality hemp buds and multiple harvests.

    We Love Partnerships

    Contact us for more information regarding our personalized service and how we can best work with you.
    If you would like to receive the wholesale price list, please send us an e-mail or fill out the contact form below. If you still have specific requirements, we would love to hear them, we can almost always deliver through our large network.

    Shot us a message or call us +385925009257

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